Company to increase marketing efforts for installation of BlockchainDome Agricultural Heat Stations in Québec

MIAMI, May 31, 2018  — via OTC PR WIRE–Miami-based United American Corp (“UnitedCorp”) (UAMA) announced today that further to its shareholder communication on Tuesday regarding completion of its first BlockchainDome Agricultural Heat Station and Greenhouse, it will step up its marketing activities to potential clients for this patent pending technology as a result of Québec’s announcement yesterday of plans to lift the moratorium on supplying power to new crypto mining facilities.

UnitedCorp believes that the proposed lifting of the moratorium as announced by Pierre Morneau, the Minister of Energy, will result in a significant increase in demand for mining installations in general, and that the BlockchainDome Heat Station and Greenhouse represents the best option for this type of facility due to its exceptionally low capital cost, rapid deployment, low server operating cost and ability to provide low cost heat for agricultural applications.

Hydro-Québec, the Province’s electricity provider, will be mandated to ensure that deployment of new crypto mining facilities meets specific criteria in order to access its estimated 13 Terawatts of surplus power. This includes maximizing economic benefits in Québec and ensuring the stability of the Province’s electrical supply.

The BlockchainDome provides significant economic benefits by supplying very low cost heat for multiple value-added agricultural applications reducing growing costs in general and increasing the financial viability of agricultural products with high temperature demands.

It is also a significantly greener option than traditional facilities because of its much lower ongoing energy requirements. Furthermore, having anticipated the need for electrical stability, the BlockchainDome already incorporates sophisticated systems to meet Hydro-Québec’s requirement to provide operational downtime for 100-300 hours per year during peak demands on the grid.

“Even with the eventual lifting of the moratorium, there is still a substantial lead time required to implement traditional crypto mining facilities,” stated Benoit Laliberte, CEO of UnitedCorp. “Operators need to locate potential sites, have their proposals vetted by Hydro-Québec and then construct or retrofit a building. All this can take a year or more and is fairly expensive. We believe that UnitedCorp has the proven proprietary technology and know-how to get a project up and running quickly and at a lower cost. Our current operation is a showpiece for the industry.”

Video footage of the dome can be seen at

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