Land acquisition and development planning.

Preparing the land for construction, building infrastructures and landscaping. 

Making site plans and working  with engineers, urbanists, and the towns to ensure the conformity to the highest standards.

Summet Sutton

Phase II

Residential Resort Project (permit pending)

This project consists of 24 units in 8 semi-detached properties on Sutton Mountain, Quebec. This project is permit pending.

Summet Sutton

Phase III

Residential Project (under construction)

This resort project consists of 24 units in 8 semi-detached properties on Sutton Mountain (Quebec) as well of a wellness complex including a restaurant, lounge, spa. 

Summet Sutton

Phase I Ouest

Residential Project

This fully realised project consists of 4 units in a semi-detached property on Sutton Mountain, Quebec. 

Les Jardins de Lac-Brome

Residential Project (under construction)

This project consists of 160 units in 20 semi-detached properties in Lac-Brome, Quebec. 

Domaine du Centaure

Residential Project (waiting for authorization and zoning change)

This project consists of 48 lots for single or semi-detached properties in Dunham, Quebec. The project includes a soccer field, a pool and a daycare center.

Sommet Bromont

Short term rental complex (In development)

This project consists of 12 individual cottages.


Data center domes

Construction of data centers that use the heat produced for indoor agricultural production.