[vc_row 0=””][vc_column 0=””][vc_column_text 0=””]MIAMI, Jan. 16, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Via OTC PR Wire — Miami-based United Blockchain Corp, a wholly owned subsidiary of United American Corp (“UnitedCorp”), (OTC:UAMA) announced today that its Blockchain Data Centers Inc. division has filed a patent application (number 62/616,382) with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for its BlockchainDomes Passive Cooling Ground-Coupled Heat-Exchanger technology under the invention title: SERVER FARM HOUSING, AND VENTILATION/COOLING SYSTEM AND CONFIGURATION THEREFORE.

The company is planning to request USPTO’s Track One Prioritized Patent Examination Program of its recent filed patent application in the US. A similar application is expected to be filed in Canada shortly. The US application also establishes a priority date with Canada and all countries that form part of the Patent Cooperation Treaty.

The recent Chinese government crackdown on cryptocurrency mining facilities combined with the high level of demand for cryptocurrency mining servers which are leaving China for places like Quebec, has prompted UnitedCorp to reorganize and accelerate its current BlockchainDomes program in Quebec.

The company announced last week the deployment of 25 BlockchainDomes in Quebec beginning in this coming March for a total aggregated output exceeding 50 megawatts.

Each BlockchainDome can be erected and ready to host mining rigs in approximately 30 days.

The Province of Quebec produces one of the most reliable, affordable and clean energies in the world.

The Rate LG which is only accessible to large-power customers with demands exceeding 5 megawatts with a price of energy of US$0.0276/kWh (CD$0.0342/kWh) and a monthly demand charge of US$10.56/kW (CD$13.11/kW).

“We are currently expecting a mass migration of Bitcoin and Altcoin mining equipment from China as central government is preparing for the anticipated ban of mining facilities in the country,” stated Benoit Laliberte, UnitedCorp’s President. “We view this as a positive action for the digital economy, as it will help to rebalance blockchains which is within the objectives of this distributed and decentralized technology.”

The BlockchainDomeTM whitepaper is available at: www.blockchaindomes.com

About United American Corp

Established in 1992, United American Corp is a Florida-based development and management company focusing on telecommunications technologies. The company currently holds the rights to manage a portfolio of patents and proprietary technology in telecommunications, social media and more recently in Blockchain PSTN technology. For more information, visit: www.unitedcorp.com

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