UnitedCorp to deploy next generation smartphone wireless service and social media content posting technology

MIAMI, June 28, 2017 /CNW/ – Miami-based United American Corp (“UnitedCorp”), (OTC: UAMA) is pleased to announce that it has entered into definitive agreements to acquire all issued and outstanding shares of TNW Wireless Inc. (TNW Wireless) and iFramed Canada Ltd (iFramed). United will issue 25 million common shares for the purchase of each company for a total of 50 million shares and as a result, Investel Capital Corp (Investel) will become the largest single shareholder of UnitedCorp.

The transaction will position UnitedCorp to deploy iPCS, the world first Smartphone-over-IP global wireless service as well as deploying iFramed, the world’s first and only social media posting gateway technology and next generation social network content sharing platform.

UnitedCorp will continue to develop iFramed and assert the rights from Investel’s broadly filed global patent portfolio, which claim the benefit of several patent claims for dedicated mobile content sharing application with digital integration of users’ selectable external content based on their location. iFramed holds these rights in key jurisdictions including the United States, China, Australia, Japan, India, Canada and throughout Europe.

iFramed is a social network user & advertiser relationship-based global marketing system that pays users to post branded content on their social media accounts. iFramed is the ecosystem that completes the missing link between advertisers, social networks and their users by providing advertisers with a mechanism to quickly and easily promote their brand or message thereby enabling users to share in the monetization of social networks.

TNW Wireless is a licensed wireless operator which has the exclusive license for iPCS and its globally filled patent portfolio applications which include cloud-based Smartphone-over-IP technology. iPCS provides wireless services using data only and works seamlessly between Wi-Fi and 4G/LTE. iPCS is login based and uses generic SIMs that are not tied to a specific user or account. TNW Wireless and its interconnections will serve as the backbone for iPCS global networks.

“Our goal is to provide high quality, low cost, seamless connectivity which is independent of your device and location and to finally provide users of social media the opportunity to share in the value of their personal posted content,” stated UnitedCorp President, Benoit Laliberté.

For more information visit: www.unitedcorp.com

About UnitedCorp

UnitedCorp is a Florida-based holding and management company focusing on telecommunications and information technologies.

About TNW Wireless

TNW Wireless Inc. is a licensed wireless operator. The company currently holds 25MHz bandwidth tier-2 850 MHz spectrum licenses, is a registered wireless carrier and provide global communication services through its proprietary iPCS Smartphone-over-IP cloud spectrum technology.

About iFramed Canada Ltd.

iFramed Canada Ltd. is the exclusive licensee of the iFramed technology, a dedicated mobile content sharing application and platform which allows its users’-originated content to be posted in real time on their social media accounts with a digital integration of external content selectable by its users based on their geo-location.

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