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iPCS would significantly lower cost of mobile services to Canadians while maintaining compliance with CRTC policies

Toronto, Ontario, July 4, 2017 ‐ Toronto‐based TNW Wireless Inc (‘’TNW Wireless’’) announced today that it has filed a Part 1 Application (“Application”) with the Canadian Radio‐television and Telecommunications Commission (“CRTC”) to compel Bell Mobility Inc. (“Bell”) and Telus Communications Company (“Telus”) to provide it with wholesale roaming agreements as mandated by CRTC Telecommunications Regulatory Policy CRTC 2015‐177. The company has also requested that the CRTC rule that TNW’s iPCS Cloud Spectrum technology is compliant with current CRTC rules and regulations regarding wireless roaming in Canada. To date Bell and Telus have been refusing to provide TNW with roaming agreements because they believe TNW will allow permanent roaming on their respective networks.

TNW Wireless provides mobile service using both traditional 4G/LTE and proprietary iPCS smartphone‐ over‐IP technology through extended Home Public Mobile Network coverage using its Wi‐Node technology. Wi‐Node gateway technology permits subscribers to use TNW Wireless’ 850 MHz licensed spectrum service coverage remotely through an Internet Wi‐Fi connection in Canada and around the world. When using a TNW Wi‐Node, its subscriber’s phone completely disconnects from the network of any roaming partner and so TNW believes that this cannot be considered “roaming” as the device is connected only to the TNW network. It is therefore fully compliant with both the letter and spirit of Canadian telecommunications regulations.

TNW further believes that iPCS strikes the perfect balance between the CRTC’s desire to give the dominant wireless operators the incentive to invest in their networks and stated government policy of allowing Canadians to benefit from innovation and more competition as they currently pay amongst the highest cellphone rates in world. This Application is also consistent with the June 5, 2017, announcement by Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development, Navdeep Bains, that he would ask the CRTC to review its policy for access to roaming networks.

“No doubt Bell and Telus will rely heavily on the CRTC’s decision in March of this year against Sugar Mobile’s use of public Wi‐Fi to provide some of its service” stated Lawry Trevor‐Deutsch, President of TNW Wireless. “However iPCS is a very sophisticated technology and not just an over the top application. It was developed to be fully compliant with all current regulations and we believe the Sugar Mobile decision is not relevant in this case. This is probably one of the most important applications to come before the CRTC in some time as the outcome will greatly affect the Canadian competitive landscape. As such we expect that there will be significant opposition from the incumbents as mobile services provide them with higher than average profit margins.”

About TNW Wireless Inc.

TNW Wireless Inc. formerly known as RuralCom Corporation is a licensed wireless operator offering wholesale and retail service in Canada and a wholly‐owned subsidiary of United American Corporation. The company currently holds 25MHz bandwidth tier‐2 850 MHz licenses which provide service to the northwest region of Canada and global communication services.


Document: TNW Wireless Files Part 1 Application with the CRTC (PDF)


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