Decision CRTC 2019-56 released after TNW filed a Part 1 Application with the Commission to compel Bell Mobility Inc. and Telus Corporation to provide it with wholesale roaming agreements

March 01, 2019 14:17 ET | Source: United American Corp.

MIAMI, March 01, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via OTC PR WIRE — Miami-based United American Corp (“UnitedCorp”), (OTC: UAMA) is pleased to announce that the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (the CRTC), in a decision released on February 28, 2019, has determined that TNW Wireless Inc. is eligible to operate as a wireless carrier in Canada and has access to tariffed services for wholesale mobile roaming on Bell and TELUS networks.

The CRTC further confirmed that TNW may begin offering mobile wireless services once it demonstrates that it has complied with all applicable 9-1-1 service obligations. However in the same decision, the Commission determined that the company’s proprietary Smartphone-over-IP iPCS technology service does not comply with the Commission’s current framework for mandated wholesale roaming, therefore the company is not eligible to access wholesale roaming tariffs in relation to the provision of this specific type of service at this time.

The decision was released at the same time that the CRTC announced plans for a deep review of the Canadian wireless industry and it gave notice that the Commission will hold hearings to determine further requirements by incumbents to provide access to their national networks outside of traditional roaming services for licensed carriers.

“For over two years, we have been waiting for a decision on our eligibility to operate a global wireless service with access to mandated roaming services, which to date Bell and Telus had refused to provide,” stated Lawry Trevor-Deutsch, President of TNW Wireless. “We look forward to putting aside any past disputes and being able to execute our business plan and operate our network, which will provide Canada-wide roaming services to our new subscribers.”

In November 2018 TNW Wireless received approval for a licence transfer request from Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED) following change of control to Investel Capital Corporation Canada, a related party to UnitedCorp. As a result of yesterday’s developments, UnitedCorp is currently negotiating the final terms with TNW financial stakeholders for the acquisition of TNW as previously announced. The acquisition would be subject to final regulatory approval.

In the meantime, UnitedCorp will continue to assist in the operation and maintenance of TNW Wireless’s network in compliance with its Conditions of Licence. TNW Wireless is planning to upgrade its infrastructure to 4G in preparation for the upcoming 5G NR Radio Access Network.

TNW Wireless licensed spectrum covers the first 1,800 KM of the Alaska Highway corridor beginning from the US border and encompasses areas that are not covered by Bell, Telus or other operators due to lack of tower facility infrastructure. TNW has developed a deployment plan which uses specially designed telecom shelter-towers on the governmental rights-of-way. TNW expects to also focus efforts on the deployment of more comprehensive services in Haida Gwaii and will be aiming to provide coverage of the island and along the northern West Coast area.

The CRTC Telecom decision 2019-56 and all submissions of TNW, Bell, Telus and other intervenors are available at www.tnwwireless.com/crtc or on the CRTC web site.

About TNW Wireless Inc.

TNW Wireless is a licensed wireless operator for wholesale and retail services in Canada and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Investel Capital Corporation Canada pending the acquisition by UnitedCorp. The company currently holds 25MHz bandwidth tier-2 850 MHz licences and is a registered wireless carrier. It is licensed to provide communication services to the Northwest region of Canada and can provide global communication services through its proprietary iPCS Smartphone-over-IP technology.

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