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Our Vision

United American Corporation (United) is a Florida-based holding and management company focusing on telecommunications technologies.


Our Mission

United’s vision is to capture and exploit synergies using a modern telecom strategy which unites:

Connectivity and  Social Media

The modern world is driven by connectivity. Yet in today’s digital world, connectivity offerings are rarely flexible, scalable or always affordable.  The current paradigm is based on a model that is compartmentalized and focusses access to connectivity base on device and location.  United believes this model is outdated and will properly serve market needs.

At the same time social media has become the largest vehicle in history for generating content and is providing massive economic benefit for social media companies. United believes that social media should be more than just a vehicle to post personal content for the sole financial benefit of social media sites which enrich themselves using content generated by their subscribers. United therefore believes that this tremendous wealth needs to be shared in an equitable manner with the individuals who generate the content

The United approach provides individuals with seamless, affordable access to wireless connectivity; whether through Wi-Fi or 4G/LTE (and any technologies that will be offered in the future) for communication, information, content generation and allows those individuals to share in the wealth of social media.

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